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We are talking about the positive impact we can make together through usability research and design.

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User centered design practices

In episode 1 of season 4, Cathi, Jackie & Monique talk about user centered design practices. This podcast is based on the talk Cathi did for the GoDaddy online event Expand 2021. Listen in and learn from our mistakes. Related interesting reads or resources Youtube recording of Cathi’s talk for GoDaddy’s online event Expand 2021

Designer-isms: speak plain language

In episode 6, Cathi, Jackie & Monique discuss designer-isms. As designers, we tend to use too much jargon. This episode is based on the article we wrote for UXATT (link below), where we wrote about 15 design terms. We talk about why you should avoid jargon. And give suggestions on how you could speak about …

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Understanding the value of UX research

In episode 5, Cathi, Jackie & Monique discuss the value of UX research. Many designers, including larger agencies, have difficulties ‘squeezing’ user research into a project, because clients prefer to immediately jump to the visual part of design. But what is the value of UX research? List of used terms UX researchUser eXperience research. Find …

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