About the Podcast

Our purpose is to empower each other and help make both the web and the world a better place for everyone. We are the founding members of an international design collective (UXATT). Interested in discussing how our team can support your project? Head over to UXATT to learn more.

More about the podcast

UXATT acquired rethink.fm in 2020. Beginning with season 3, the podcast focuses on usability, experience design, and user research. UXATT partners Cathi Bosco, Jackie D’Elia, and Monique Dubbelman are the cohosts for the podcast.

How rethink.fm started

Our partner, Jackie D’Elia started rethink.fm in August of 2016. The goal was to ask the questions that many of us had on our minds while listening to industry experts. During season 1 and 2, she interviewed web designers and front-end developers in an effort to explore and rethink ways to solve challenges on the web. Fast forward to 2020, and now with our new partnership and focus, the journey continues…

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