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Content Audits with Sallie Goetsch

Episode 2: Content Audits Save Development Time

In this episode, I’m chatting with Sallie Goetsch about Content Audits and how they can save you development time. If you’ve every had a project with a lot of existing content, performing an audit of that content BEFORE you begin any design or development work, will save you time. We’ll talk about what it is …

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clouds and hills

Episode 1: Content First Strategy

This episode is all about content. My guest John Locke and I talk about developing a content first strategy when working on client projects. Meet John Locke Since 2012, John has been helping business owners in Sacramento and across the country. His WordPress consultancy, Lockedown Design, helps businesses improve their SEO, launch and improve their …

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Lake Mountain View

Episode 0: Launch of

In this episode, I’m talking about how the idea for came to be. Tonya Mork shares her thoughts on WordPress, code, and workflow. Meet Tonya Mork Tonya teaches programming, how to think about code, and how to build WordPress products (themes and plugins) at Know the Code. She is always examining the way we …

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