Episode 9: Acres of Diamonds

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Episode 9: Acres of Diamonds

In this episode, I’m chatting with Kim Doyal. She runs Kim Doyal, The WordPress Chick podcast, and several other internet businesses.

We’re talking about Acres of Diamonds by Russell H. Conwell. It’s a story Kim shared with me about finding gems right in your own backyard. Many of us have been looking for success, thinking the grass is always greener elsewhere. Is there an opportunity right in front of you that you have not seen? Something you’re good at that you are not leveraging? That is the basis of the story and why we sometimes see the success of others as a goal to pursue, when there might be diamonds buried in our own backyard.

Let’s get started.

Meet Kim Doyal

Kim DoyalKim Doyal runs the W Chick – podcaster, is a coach, WordPress wizard, proud Genesis junkie and co-founder of the #FtheHustle movement.

According to Kim, when you commit to fully showing up as YOU, everything shifts in your business.

That advice might sound simple, but it took me almost 5 years as an entrepreneur to truly understand the power and the potential of fully showing up as ME.

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Kim’s Website: The WP Chick
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Jackie: Hey everybody it’s Jackie to with another episode or rethink that FM and I have my guest today, Kim Doyal. Kim hi how are you?
Kim: I’m fabulous Jackie thank you for having me here. I’m super excited.
Jackie: Thanks for joining me today. You’ve picked a really interesting topic to discuss, it’s Acres of Diamonds. And I’m going to put that out there as something to think about as we go through the podcast. But before we get started, can you tell
folks who you are and what you do?
Kim: Absolutely. My…it is so funny you would think I’d have like this great elevator speech but like most online entrepreneurs things evolve and continue to evolve. So my primary business site is the WordPress chick and it’s TheWPChick.com. And you know it’s like I’ve been doing this gosh I’m getting close to nine years now and really you know I have to say that I fell into the WordPress sites. I’m not a developer I’m not a coder so I’d say I’m more of a customized. But I have a team that does development and coding now but I just fell in love with the platform. It was in 2008. I just was kind of on a mission to find something else I could do from home. I lost my husband in a car accident in 2003 and at the time I was working full time in retail management and anybody who’s ever worked anything like it’s just there’s no quality of life. And so you know my kids were little they were six and two when my husband passed away and so it just you know we all have our own stories our own tragedies and you go through that and you just know that there’s something else there’s another way to do this there’s a better way to live my life. And so I had a little bit of a cushion in 2008 and I had come across internet marketing I had gone to this real estate wealth Expo. So this was clear pre 2008 right, 2006 maybe.

And listening to all this stuff and Tony Robbins was speaking in Robert Kiyosaki and then there were these little you know breakout sessions and this guy was talking about internet marketing and how you was making you know $8000 – $9000 a month selling e-books. And I was like Wow. And I had also at the time I was a big. And this is holy going to date me but I’m like I was a big tape cassette person in the car right. Like when I would be commuting for work and stuff. I was always putting something into my head most of the time it was motivational or business or you know and I was listening to this. It was actually this is actually a CD program. So it was a little bit more recent but it was a Mark Victor Hansen one of the chicken soup guys had done this mega speaking empire because I was a speech major for a while in college. So it’s really fun that I do podcasting now too because it’s like it’s transcended but I was listening to this mega speaking empire CD set. Right? And there was this other internet marketer and he was talking about internet marketing and you know affiliate marketing and all of these things and I thought this is this is the way to go this is totally the way to go. And I just knew there was something in it and I was not a tech person. Jackie and I mean I would always consider myself somewhat smart like I can figure this out but I just I was committed to making it work. Long story shorter and I jumped into this and I really thought I was going to be an information marketer which I am.

But you know I thought I was going to write a few e-books and make millions at all that you get into this and you go and there’s a little bit more to learn here so you know my company today like what we do. So I am shifting out of the client work. I still have some clients I don’t have a portfolio on the site. It’s all referrals if I choose to do client work. And so a lot of people say well how do you monetize the site. I mean I do coaching. I have another podcast well I’ve got two, the WordPress chick and I’ve had sponsorship on there. But I do coaching we do Web sites we’ve done podcast production for people. I am going I’m shifting a little bit back to courses in teaching and training and then a recurring model which is actually going to be a physical newsletter that comes in the mail and there’s a whole reason behind that. So it’s evolving right now more than anything I’m focusing on my audience, the brand and just simplicity. I just want simple systems in place.

Jackie: What role did The WPChick podcast play in all of this and how did that how did you start that what stage did all of this evolve?
Kim: The podcast came about in 2000 and where are we at. It was five years and so would have been I can do math 2013 because I just you know what Jackie, I hit this point where I’m like I need to have more fun. That was really it. I had been listening to smart passive income at the time he was a month once a month or something but it was like – I loved podcasting. I was a big podcast listener and I just.. Here’s the crazy thing. I had the Skype conversation with a friend. Anybody who’s ever done client work or service work hits that wall. It’s like you have a day you have a client you’re like that’s it. I don’t want to do this anymore. And it was it was kind of one of those and it was more of a I’m going to do things my way. That’s it. I don’t care what every market or on the planet says I don’t care what every Guru whatever course I have to just be myself. And so I literally I did a post and I copy and pasted that entire Skype conversation because it was the evolution it was kind of funny but that’s how I decided to do the podcast. It was like I want to have more fun. And I knew having been a speech manager this was just right up my alley. And so when I launched the podcast everything shifted.

I mean it totally it blew up my business and let me explain that because it was you know initially it was I was completely detached from the outcome of what it did and what it was going to do. And while I’m sure there was probably more data I didn’t go looking for it – it was really something I did for myself and it was content so I knew there’s value in it – within like three months iTunes was one of my top three traffic sources which blew me away. The relationships there’s this sort of there’s the tangible side of podcasting and there’s the intangible right so the tangible is traffic. I’ve gotten coaching clients, I’ve gotten website clients I’ve gotten you know joint venture opportunities, the relationships piece of it where the on one hand that’s tangible. On the other hand that pays off for you can’t really measure you and I mean it pays off in terms of how long those relationships last or what comes out of it. But the podcast I have said it before I’ll say it again is absolutely the best thing I’ve done for my business.

Jackie: That is an incredible story with starting your podcast and then having it kind of fuel a lot of other parts of your business. It seems like that was a great catalyst and you’re really good at that. You’re a natural. I’ve listened to your podcast. I don’t know how you do those solo ones. I think that’s just amazing that I sit there and just have a conversation with your audience and it just flows beautifully. So you’ve definitely mastered that.
Kim: Well thanks. You know. That is Jackie as I write those first. And it’s interesting is I think I’ve said this on my show a couple times. Like if if I were to go and anybody could probably find it but like the very first post I ever wrote on the The WordPress Chick Chick I was I read it and you know you think to yourself oh my god did a robot write like who is this? Because it’s there is this fear like when you first get on line and you hit publish it’s like oh my God you know if only we had like massive traffic the second we hit publish right. And so it’s been this evolution and I have found how much I love writing and I’ve applied this in my business over the last few months even with these daily emails that I’m doing and I’m happy to talk about that but there’s this – so with his solo shows I write out the post first and then I just talk to people and see that’s the validation piece that’s amazing about podcasting to me is I can’t be here and be somebody different. Right. Like I don’t know how to do that like I’m Kim on live or I’m Kim in person. Like if you meet me this is just me and so it was a way to really draw in like my tribe right? People that connect with me are people that appreciate my sense of humor. A lot of it’s self-deprecating.

But if people get that or what I’m saying resonates with them it’s you know and I don’t want to put it in I don’t mean this coldly but it’s like that’s a warm lead. Like that’s a connection right there. Like it floors me when I think about the fact that people will take me for a walk. Right. And they’re just out on a walk just listening to me for an hour it’s like it’s an intimate relationship in a way that you form to somebody and so and it’s something I don’t take lightly. So I have stepped into a lot of things that I thought were uncomfortable initially were sharing something personal that maybe I thought I was never going to share this. I only share if it’s of value. You know like if I learn something the hard way or if I’ve launched something or done something or something turned out to be you know a really great outcome for something that I’ve done. So it’s like I share the Good, the Bad, the Ugly all of it in a way that I hope somebody else can benefit from that experience. But yeah you know I just write those out and I don’t know it just flows.

Jackie: I think that your website The WP Chick it’s kind of WordPress centric but it seems like you’ve built a lot of other businesses and initiatives go outside of the WordPress space and I was wondering if you could just talk about how you’ve kind of branched out and know and I know you were saying you’re not doing a lot of client builds for WordPress sites that it’s like you’re using WordPress as a tool and I saw comment that you recently left on John Perez’s web site about you know are the WordPress community and using WordPress as a tool. And I was just wondering if you could kind of just share your perspective on all of that. How how WordPress fits in but how also your business expands way past all of that.
Kim: Yeah. So it’s a good question. You know that whole initially that I suffered greatly from imposter syndrome right because I was like I’m not a developer and I’m not a coder and then it was like well you what… Own that. And that’s my audience. My audience is you know if there’s a developer or a coder who follows me it’s because we’re friends or they’re amused by me or are they you know there’s something but because I don’t know that the intro to the podcast is no boring code snippets here. Just WordPress happiness made easy. And so when I found that I had this ability like even when I was in retail like I was a training manager and an ability to explain things to the everyday person because a lot they don’t want to know where to put something into the head tag in the body tag first for pixeling or what. They just want to create a custom audience. That’s a quick example right. But so and I started just doing that and I fell into that piece of it. And this is where like I tell people it’s like you just need to start you don’t know what’s going to stick. But you know I everything we use as with Genesis and I was using StudioPress pre-Genesis and so I started doing these videos which they were so awful like I did not know to use Camtasia very well but you know just telling people I was just figuring stuff out and I was like oh here here’s how you do this.

And so I sort of found that I had built up a lot of traffic to those tutorials and I thought of them and Genesis came out you know I stepped into this WordPress Genesis for beginners. I did like four week webinar classes then I did a PDF and then I did an updated for 2.00 which you know the theme settings haven’t changed that much but so I kind of stepped into that and that was really that’s my space. And so I had to own it that well not everybody who uses WordPress. wants a developer teaching them how to do something or they want to know how to use this tool to make money with their business. And you know over I don’t know it’s probably going to last couple of years. The more I’ve really stepped into marketing because I am not saying I got backlash but it’s like I just I don’t like the negativity and the fact that there’s a hashtag #WPDrama is ridiculous to me you know and I always look at it this way and maybe this is really a simplistic way to say it but I’m like you know people who are making money doing something they love it’s like you really don’t have time to go get nasty with people. You just do your thing. You just we don’t all have to do in like the same things. It’s ridiculous to me and there when I see because you can have somebody who knows how to market and write copy and they’ve got a crappy product. But who’s going to you know be laughing all the way to the bank.

And I’m not saying that that means you go sell crappy products that’s not the message there. But the point is all of it’s relevant. Right? And so I’m actually getting ready to change that theme on my site. And I have switched I used to do this WordPress happiness made easy – it doesn’t make much sense it’s not very clear. And so now it’s a place where WordPress and marketing collide because that’s sort of my happy space. I like creating content I love creating content. I like creating courses I like showing people how to. You need a list. You need to build a list you need an audience you need to connect to them you need to engage them and you need to sell to them. I don’t care how perfect your code is or how fast your site is. If you’re not building a list of subscribers because that’s an asset then you’re not really in business. You need every single business offers leads and sales. I don’t care what market you’re in or what you do. And so I had to kind of say where do I want to fit into this. I still love some of the techie stuff. I still like showing how to use things but you know I like to create as well and I just I never wanted to be a coder or developer or you know my gifts to the world to me or not to be behind the scenes and I’m not saying I have to be on stage but I want to create I don’t want to be a pair of hands creating someone else’s business because that’s how it feels to me. I’m not saying it is.

But that’s how it feels because I have things that I want to create and put out there that answer any of your questions I’m like I think I’ve talked in circles.

Jackie: You know that did… actually. And the part about the marketing is of interest to me because you seem to have adapted very well and been able to do internet marketing and I wonder there’s a lot of people that I’ve talked with that are running client based businesses so they’re servicing clients but they’re struggling like with their own marketing or finding their own identity for their business online. And I’ve even had challenges myself where I like writing tutorials but the tutorials are not really targeted for my clients. They’re more targeted for peers and it’s that whole part of adapting to the community. And I’ve also chatted with some folks and you know maybe I need to have two web sites or maybe I need to write articles focused more on driving traffic from clients to my Web site. And I think a lot of people struggle with coming up with the right marketing mix.
Kim: I totally agree with you because I did for a long time I really did for the longest time. And the thing is like when I started doing like how to videos on how to do stuff with WordPress and it was either using a plugin or the really Genesis is where I kind of found a little niche. Jackie I didn’t have anything attached to it. I just thought I’m going to share what I’m doing. That was it. That was really it. And whenever people tell me they get stuck with content now I can turn anything into content. I’m not kidding you know because I practice it and but the thing is it’s like you have to start somewhere. You can do it like let’s let’s step back and say OK you can do the who is my avatar? who is my audience? What problems are they solving? If you don’t have that audience you can have an idea and you can create that but there’s no data right so you’re going to have to pay for data whether you’re paying for data with paid traffic or you’re paying for data with your time. You have to create and look at what’s working. That was truly how I found that whole StudioPress Genesis thing I was like wow these posts these videos are getting more traffic than anything else I’m doing. And so I thought ha like here’s a great example.

Any person out there that does work that maybe does WordPress websites that they’ve got you know client work at the end of the day if you simply share the things you’re doing like I’m all about leverage. So here’s an example. I started doing these daily emails. I subscribed to a guy named Ben Settle and I wish to God I got a commission because I pimp him every where. And because I I’m going to back up a little bit. I hired a Facebook ad agency at the beginning of this year kind of ended to 2015 and Jason Hornung it was fantastic. I was doing this kind of higher ticket higher price done for you podcasting service because I believe in the power of podcasting. There’s so many ways to leverage it. And it was great at the same time it’s still service it’s just people view me more as a consultant because I’ve got a team that does a lot of the tech stuff. But anyways so I thought OK I’m going to drive this with Facebook ads. It was a big investment. I got the money back in the ads. But the beauty of working with them is that I step back Jason really. Jason Hornung I think I said that so he great guy but I really stepped back and started looking at copywriting a like basic fundamentals of direct response marketing. Like what works. Content, you know, good copywriting email marketing. Those those basic things whether it’s you know maybe it’s postcards or whatever because that stuff still works too. But so I started kind of going backwards and mastering these fundamentals. And like I’ve gotten a little bit obsessed with it where it’s looking at the strategies that work as opposed to tactics right.

Like I had Todd Brown on the show and he’s in a big internet marketer and stuff. And he’s the same thing it’s like he said I don’t read you know how to do Twitter conversations or this or that it’s like no no no it doesn’t matter what platform use if you know how to write good headlines. You can use any platform if you know how to you know tell a story that appeals to those pain points and persuasion tactics. And it’s not me it’s manipulative. It’s human psychology and so I got so much of an education and working with Jason as well as understanding Facebook advertising and stuff. But like Jackie I don’t want to I don’t want to focus every day on my ads converting on this. I would rather go create content. Right. I’d rather do that. And so like with this e-mail thing with Ben, fast forward, I probably subscribed to his site for a good year before I bought from him. And he has a monthly print newsletter subscription which is where John I got the idea. It’s $97. It’s called e-mail players. He sends one e-mail a day. It’s a story style e-mail with a link and I watched how he did this. I just I just paid attention to it and I felt like and I thought what resonates with me is what resonates with me. And that I subscribe to email players and you know and then I saw Ryan Lee and other big Internet marketers going around a long time kind of does the same thing. Because my goal is simplicity.

I’m like you know what I think funnels are good but I don’t want to do 52 funnels and up cells and down cells in this way and that way it’s like you’re going to start hurt in my head like I just I don’t want to do that. I want to have a few things that I do consistently that I do well and then I grow and I started doing the daily e-mail maybe two months ago and I called it my almost daily e-mail. I think the most I’ve hit like I hit eight or nine days it hasn’t gone out today because I had a dentist appointment this morning. But it’s got to go out. But the point is what I do with these daily e-mails is again it’s a it’s a subject and a storyline that takes a person through this path and then it’s one link. You know I’ve seen these newsletters where it’s like here’s what happened this week and here’s my podcast and here’s my post. I used to do those low click through rates low engagement these I’m not kidding you Jackie let’s say e-mail five days in one week I get two or three responses to separately from different people than what I do is I take these posts and I mean I take the e-mails and I create posts on my site and then I share them socially some leveraging. I’m all about leveraging content. I have gotten my engagement rates have gone up my affiliate income has gone because I’m redoing some products and offers. But it’s like everything has increased for me by doing this.

My writing is getting faster I’m understanding copy better and so I feel like this is one of those things we’ve heard before but it’s these small consistent actions that you do over and over and over again. And so for me like it it’s just sort of like open my eyes to a lot of other things in terms of like OK will like even take exercise. Well what if you just walk for 30 minutes a day or what if you just drink two more glasses of water. It’s those little things and it’s it’s made a huge difference. I feel like I went 12 ways sideways on that but you know the whole the whole marketing piece where people get stuck I kid you not. The best way is simply to share like talk about why you wanted to start the podcast. You can do a whole post series Jackie and why you wanted to do this. And and the fact that you had a conversation yesterday here’s a great example I one of my e-mails. That was a post that got a lot of connection engagement. A friend is in a private Facebook group for a course that she purchased from a female internet marketer on webinars. OK. And somebody wrote in this Facebook group and they were like here’s some free pain points for all your internet marketers for your next sales copy. And she kind of ranted. I’m tired of investing in courses to find out I need to buy 12 pieces of software. I’m tired of spending all day at my computer doing this I’m tired of this and had a real frustration point. I’m tired of working every day all day for 10 weeks and having nothing to offer anybody, you know.

And so she was just sharing this with me and I’m like this is going to be really good email tomorrow and I try to even think where I linked back to it. I think I’m linked back to an old podcast episode of my own. But the point was I simply had a conversation with people in the email and the subject line was would you give your business more than 10 weeks to succeed because on one hand I feel her pain. Right. We’ve all been there where you get frustrated and it’s like you buy something that’s like oh now I have to go get lead pages and convertkit and all these other things. I’m not recommending either of those. One way or the other but. And if it if you’ve not been in this a long time you don’t know why I can use this or I can use this or I can use this or I can do this and that. And so I totally get that frustration. On the other hand where off line do you think that you’re going to start a business and 10 weeks be profitable you know. So it’s a different space. You have to you have to put in the time and energy. And I hate the whole do the work right. I mean I think that’s ridiculous. We all know businesses work. We all have to put in our time and energy. Some things are going to be easy some things can be hard but I am anti-hustle like there is a balance to life.

You know some days if I get inspired to do something I can work crazy hours like five or six days and then crash and then I’m like I unplug for three but that’s my own process. You know not everybody is going to do that. And I think you know life has to be lived. I refuse to skip a family birthday or I refuse to say no to breakfast or lunch with a friend that’s why I do this right. I refuse to not take a nap if I hit a wall in the afternoon I’m like. Stop telling me to hustle.

Jackie: Amen to the naps. I love naps.
Kim: Ah they’re my happy place.
Jackie: OK so what I’m hearing from you is you know content’s like a real center piece for all of this. If you if you can train yourself to write good content and get in the habit of producing that that’s kind of the key to opening up all of those opportunities.
Kim: Absolutely absolutely and leverage it right. Because when I realize I’m like these e-mails I’m like wait a minute this. I literally put it in a post and I was like that’s like 780 words. Like my podcast I can easily do 2000 words now in a post that’s not an issue. But when I thought these e-mails maybe not as SEO but the fact that I’m producing more content and then you know what happens to is you want to think as you start doing this so as an example when I started the The WordPress Chick I really felt like I created a list of freebie seekers because I just kept telling them how to do stuff right. And so you have to be able to shift there and it doesn’t matter if you know you follow Gary V’s jab jab jab right hook. But you have to be able to sell something at some point. And so as I am shifting offerings through the Word Press chick I do a lot of affiliate stuff. The only things that I recommend as an affiliate are things that I use consistently cause I create tutorials from it or and then I talk about it and then I just share stuff. But really the content piece you have to find what works for you maybe you love video. Do Facebook live then take that video put it on your site get it transcribed. Take the text like there’s so many different ways you can repurpose what you’re already doing. So you know what I’m saying.

So even if if you are doing WordPress sites and maybe you’re you know you do everything in Beaver Builder or whatever the case is cases share the client story every single client could be a content like a case study part one part two part three whatever just the project what it’s about when you’re talking about and and maybe some frustrations that the client had. Here’s an example I’ve got somebody that I sent a proposal to months ago and they’ve come back like they still haven’t done anything but I think they’re ready and they’re like well you know we love the sites you sent. Can we see some more work. We want something really original but at the end it’s like yeah absolutely. Keep in mind that what I’ve sent you is what the client requested. Right. And not just that but to be able to have this conversation with someone saying your site needs to look good absolutely but it needs to convert if it’s not user friendly if it’s not converting it it’s not going to use subscribers and customers then it doesn’t matter how pretty it is because sometimes those really out of the box let’s be different isn’t user friendly and usability and functionality is key. Right? And so that is all a post if I want to you know I’m saying so it’s sharing those stories. I had another person today that I have sort of like this little small outsourcing company that I developed accidentally and I started building a team and I started doing coaching and then a lot of the coaching clients were like well hey I want to so it just sort of I fell into it anyways. It’s not something I’m like growing or marketing or anything.

Somebody has been with me for a few years and you know she reached out and it was done on a retainer basis because I had to build a plan for expenses and salaries and all that. And I’m not just doing it out of the good of my heart. It needs to be profitable to me too. Right? So this person has been using the team. I don’t know three years or something and you know can I switch to hourly from the retainer. And she has asked me because you know you know I’ve paid this much and haven’t. And I said yeah that’s totally fine because for me like I’m seriously thinking let’s just close it down early next year. Just all keep a designer and developer for myself. And I said yeah that’s fine. So then she requested well you know can I get a credit for some of the hours not used. And my initial response so I didn’t say anything and she said did you get the email and I said I did I’m thinking about it. So then I get another e-mail that says well here’s some food for thought I spent this much I did it. And I was like well now you’re getting nothing because first of all your lack of business isn’t my responsibility. You know that would be like me going to the gym and saying I haven’t been here in three months so can I get the next three months free like. That’s nonsense. And so you better believe that’s going to show up as an e-mail in a post.

Jackie: I agree I mean don’t you think if you’re paying if somebody is paying retainer for you that you’re basically asking you to reserve a block of your time for a specific purpose each month whether they use it or not.
Kim: It’s not my problem.
Jackie: You’ve reserved it, right? That means you can’t give it to someone else or sell it to someone else. So I think I agree with you on that. It’s like it once the time has gone that you’re done. Well there’s no refund on that.
Kim: Right! Where else would you ask? Do you know what I’m saying it’s like you don’t go to your insurance company. I think I don’t know one of them Allied or Allstate does some sort of like rebate but it’s like in say well I didn’t have an accident this year so can I get the next six months credit for my insurance. It’s like life doesn’t work that way. And your lack of business is not my responsibility. And the whole thing was that was the agreement was retainer. Well I asked for this months ago and it wasn’t available. Well no it wasn’t it’s my business I get to change it as I want. So you know you can go find your own developers you can find your own project management like nobody put a gun to your head like you’re your issue isn’t mine but had you. And here’s the funny thing Jackie is had she said thanks, I appreciate any consideration. I probably would have given it to her. But the fact that she flipped it like I owed her something I’m like now you’re getting nothing. I didn’t I mean it’s like and I don’t want to be snarky and I would love to tell you that I’m this evolved that I can step back and put my ego aside. But I’m like nobody made you do this. You’re an adult. This is your business. It’s not my responsibility, period. And so. And I’m going to say if that doesn’t work for you understand you can I’ll give you you know two weeks to get your projects out. Like you just you have to be willing to say no. My point is to tie this all back to content. All of these stories are content because as soon as you start sharing this happened to me someone else is going to say thank God. Like do you know who the oatmeal is?
Jackie: No
Kim: OK. Anybody listening. He’s he’s a comic strip creator and he’s got books. They did the most successful Kickstarter campaign ever they did a card game it’s called exploding kittens. He’s got cats and dogs he’s not anti-animals but it’s called exploding kittens. I bought the Kickstarter. They did over two million in 24 hours or something. He’s a huge fan of Tesla and stuff but he has a hysterical comic strip called how a web design goes straight to hell. And he got the whole process so my point. I fell in love with him because I was like somebody gets this they get it right. And so as soon as you start telling those stories you connect with people on a different level. And here’s the thing. I had heard that oh stories stories sell and it was like I had kind of gone. I don’t want to say sideways but I got heavily involved in sort of this high end mastermind, right?

And it was an amazing experience. I learned the value of charging more. I learned to that’s when I started getting to Facebook advertising a few years ago. I learned a lot. I would you know I was hanging around people that were that could make six figures on a webinar. And I’m not saying that that’s the end all be all. Like for me it was like I kind of went to the extreme of how all of this I had these great adventures we traveled and then I’ve come back to what works for me. And so that’s where with John and I with this other podcast it’s we’re rebranded it. That’s a whole long story. It was Freedom Papers it’s going to Hustle Free podcast.

Jackie: And that’s with Jonathan Perez?
Kim: Yeah. And we launched it. It was probably the fastest thing I’ve ever gotten out to market. We came up with the idea. We’ve been friends and here’s a great story John, I connected with you through my podcast. He was probably one of my first 10 episodes, one of my interviews, and I instantly felt like he was the little brother I never had. And he’s got this great New York accent. He’s a sweet kind, young dad with two little kids. He’s just a good guy and he knows his stuff. And we just always stayed in touch we had tried to collaborate on. We did Sell with WordPress. We did this whole course and then we were going to merge agencies like we’ve talked a lot about different things and there was something about kind of pulling back the curtain sharing what’s working in our businesses. We literally have merchandise that says f the hustle on it. We have T-shirts and mugs. We’re doing another logo one of them. It’s the word is spelled out but it’s like f ampersand f hashtag at k. So cause I’m like I just don’t need to wear something that says the F word across it. But I want to it. We also have a hash tag it’s literally just the letter F the hustle. We shared these mugs on Instagram people are like where is it I have to have it because the whole point I love Gary V. I like all that. But life has to be live. I’m just tired of this WORK HARDER, WORK HARDER.

I’m like I can’t work harder.

Jackie: I agree with you on that. I think the whole hustle thing is just a lot of hype. And if you’re not enjoying your life and it’s not enriching others in the time that you’re spending you could work 15 20 hours a day but I really don’t understand what the point of that is and it definitely results in burnout. Eventually you burnout which is what I think happens to a lot of web developers and designers that are working with clients all the time. It’s a it’s it’s a lot of work. They end up getting burned out and it’s not a good ending to those stories.
Kim: No it’s not. And what happens I think when you’re doing that again this is the trick. This is the trick. The Challenge You opportunity I don’t know I want to phrase that but with service work is because if your business is a service creating things for other people’s business somehow building your business always is secondary right. Like how many people I can’t begin to tell you how many web devs or people that do WordPress sites or whatever you want to call it or earn real serious service businesses where they’re not focused on their own content and lead generation because it’s it’s like I’ve got to get the client work I’ve got to do the client work.
Jackie: You have to block time out in your weekly schedule for marketing and for you know for all of these other facets of your business you have to run it like a business instead of just every day you’re working for a client. You’ve got to you’ve got to feed your business as well. So let me roll this all back I want to go back to we started off just saying the words. Acres of Diamonds right. So I want to kind of weave this in because we chatted earlier about this topic and I thought it was really interesting and I was like OK so what are all these Acres of Diamonds that are out there to be mined and to be found?
Kim: OK. So can I do a quick synopsis of acres of diamonds just for if anybody’s not read the story. There was a professor in the early 1900s who wrote this essay, a poem or an essay or something.

Long story short there was a farmer and it was like you know a farmer in like Persia or something and he had heard there was diamonds to be mined. And so he starts mining and he had a very profitable successful farm at the time. So he leaves his farm to go mine diamonds mined diamonds and then a long story short he spends all of his time and energy as farm miles apart and he loses money and lo and behold there were quote unquote acres of diamonds on his own farm. He just didn’t mind where he was right. We have a tendency to look out. So the moral is don’t look outside of yourself necessarily. And so when people start looking at their businesses that’s right I say what is it you’re sitting on. What is it you already do you know if you have if you are in client services put together a 10 step process for whatever and you don’t have to get into listicles necessarily. You know I’m just throwing stuff out there. But here’s a great example.

Everything in this is going to sound esoteric. How can you quantify this but everything I do that makes me happiest brings me the biggest ROI. And let me tell you like the podcast right. So much has come from this that that has blown my mind. I talk a lot about look at I fell in love with Genesis and figured out how to use it just as a user. And it was profitable or like Thrive when I found the Thrive Content builder and there are a lot of people at home and it’s you know it’s hard to use whatever but it was the first visual builder I came across a couple of years ago and all I could see was the opportunity to buy a plugin once and not have to do monthly recurring for landing pages which at the time I had Lead Pages on, I got click funnels and all these things and I thought this is amazing. And I just share things I am excited about. Do you know how much swag I get Jackie from something like Co-Schedule. I got a whole Co-Schedule thing because I friggin love it. I need to do like an epic post on them. And so when I share something that has made my life easier is fun or makes me happy. Like it’s an it’s a natural progression and then it’s profitable for me. Like Thrive is easily my highest affiliate every month because I love to create content and so then I thought OK. So here’s a great example of mining Acres of Diamonds.

I get great comments on Thrive. I also use Beaver Builder. I did a whole Thrive Content Builder and Beaver Builder why I used both. And it just it blows me away so I’ll talk about what I use when how I use it. That is it. I simply share the journey. And I thought OK so this content. Here’s the crazy thing is in doing these daily emails posting more and then I’ve gotten very good, not good – but diligent about sharing my stuff consistently thank you co-schedule. And so I’m getting a lot more traffic my bounce rate dropped like 30 percent because I’m telling more stories it’s not just throwing like WordPress tips that people and and I’m not negating that. But all of a sudden like who wants to just be another aggregated tip site. Right. And so an Acre of Diamond for me is Thrive. They have this suite of products. There are a ton of people use it so I thought OK I’m going to do it 30 days of Thrive. Right. And that’s a big a big goal because I mean publishing a piece of content every day for Thrive so it means I have to batch it but I’m willing to invest the time and energy. Now like I’ll have to go back and do like five or six ahead of time five or six ahead of time. But if I do that do you know the long term payoff of those posts are going to be because I’ll make sure they’re optimized but they will have affiliate links.

Absolutely and that I you know affiliate marketing is one of those things to me where you know I look at the fact that Pat Flynn and I both started our businesses the same air and Pat makes what 60 grand a month or something off a Bluehost. Not that I would recommend them necessarily but doing how to install a WordPress site and I dug my heels in. Oh. Everybody else has done that. I don’t want to do that. Well it’s a WordPress chick doesn’t have how to set up and install WordPress…

So again step back those fundamentals and it all worked out. I actually have interviewed Gabe Mays from GoDaddy and they’ve partnered with Beaver builder their new WordPress on-boarding for a beginner. They’re focused on being a part of the community. They’ve improved. I’m not getting paid to say this I have improved their whole WordPress manage hosting all that stuff. The point is it’s like I’m sitting here like my site is Acres of Diamonds like I get good traffic. How can I listen to people better? And so it’s having those conversations and you don’t know until you throw something out there you know like you have to simply start testing it. But look at where have you gotten the most traction. Where have you gotten comments where have you gotten the most shares. That’s where you start going. Here’s a great example.

The other one is Co-Schedule which I just adore that tool. So you go in and look at your most shared post, your most reshared content and the other than somebody that is spamming me all over Twitter with one of my posts they just keep creating new Twitter accounts because I think I listed one of their apps or something in a top five picks. But as I did a post beginning of 2015. I’m paraphrasing I was like you know the plug ins I’m using for 2015 or something. The WordPress plugins and holy moly that thing just went still to this day get shares. Should I have done it for 2016? Probably, but I thought why would I do it again? There’s not a whole lot changed so that I was thinking I’m just going to tell you this is my brain process how I was able to leverage this into like three different ways.

So then I said OK well I don’t want to redo that post. What if I did like my business stack and said it like a dev stack or marketing stack right every single tool I use in my business and we’re talking like 47 tools. It’s going to be an epic post right but I’m going to put it into a PDF that if somebody wants to just download it they’re going to have to opt in to get it. So there was that so that I took that because I remember sitting there was like a Monday and I was like OK I’m stuck What am I going to do my e-mail on and I started thinking about being stuck. And that’s when I then went to look at my data and I said oh this post. So that’s how that whole thing happened. So then from that my e-mail was the subject line was. Q The kid from a Christmas story. Have you seen that movie.

Jackie: Yes.
Kim: OK. You know the little kid who gets his tongue stuck on the flagpole and he’s going right… stuck stuck. So that’s why. Because and I was like here’s what you do when you get stuck. And then like it was the content brain fart and how to fix it. But the point is I literally took I found a gift then a little kid with those. So it’s like I pull in this story piece and then I talk about simply the process that I went through to look at where can I come up with the new content idea to move forward? Right. And I just shared it and blew me away or you know sorry I’m going 12 ways sideways Jackie. But now I’m like there’s there’s opportunities everywhere. Attended a co-schedule seminar and they’re going to be releasing requeue to go back and requeue stuff. And I was like oh my gosh why don’t I go back to content that’s already done well, that’s a perfect acres of diamond opportunity like go back to content that got back got great shares I got comments whatever it is. One, can you improve it? Two, can you increase SEO? Three, can you add a content upgrade right, for an affiliate link?

So there’s all these opportunities. So I did that. I was like OK I had this post and it was called content formatting plugins that will surprise and delight you. I started really diving into headlines and and trust me I’ll write like six headlines and the headline analyzer or the free one from co-schedule and then I’ll go optimize it and then I use something else to A/B test them. But so I thought OK and I can share this. Holy moly. I got like 20 shares in 24 hours, from a post I wrote in December of 2015 and then somebody on Facebook said I love all the content you’re sharing and I took a screenshot of that. So then that was the next day’s email. Do you see what I mean? So all I’m doing is growing I’m just putting time and energy into my business and I’m sharing what I’m doing. That is it. It’s really not rocket science. And we think that it needs to be all this big stuff. But you know like seriously you could have a whole series Jackie on you know Rethink.fm. First of all it’s an awesome name. Where did you come up with the name and why did you do it? You know what made you decide to pick the theme you did or why. Why have you chosen the guests you’ve talked to. You know there’s all these different ways to share it. And you just it resonates with people sorry. I’m really on a roll right now.

Jackie: I know I love the advice. I think that’s I think that’s great. I love the passion that you’ve got about that. And also just how you’re weaving in the affiliates. I think a lot of people struggle with how to use affiliates and how to market those and mix those into their site. I’ve seen some where you know you just have people sticking little ads in a side banner. And to me I’m not as somebody who would be a consumer. I’m not very likely to click on those things to do. If you see somebody write a really great post with like a tutorial or an example of how this is effective for them and there is a link in there and they even say this is an affiliate link. And thanks for your support and I’m much more likely to click on those and actually want to support the person who’s writing that content. And I think you’ve kind of figured out that magic formula about writing about things you’re passionate about and mentioning the tools that you are passionate about using right. So you’ve got all of these things like you mentioned co-schedule you mentioned thrive which I don’t know much about thrive but you’ve got me you’ve piqued my interest and you’ve got me where I want to learn more about that because if you’re if this is really effective for you and what you’re doing and I’m up I’m assuming you’re being able to create pages pretty easily landing pages squeeze pages and things like that.
Kim: Well yeah it’s it they’ve got all these templates right. And it’s a drag and drop. And then for me like I here’s here’s the thing with tools and stuff is you know you can there’s the whole JVZoo crowd.

Well they’ll put out a product and then it’s gone in like six months and good luck with support. Which is a bummer because there are some good products, some good plugins and tools and web apps that come out of there but there’s so but the guys that do that it’s like they push to the next launch instead of growing and building something right. So when I find companies like Beaver builder and Thrive or whatever and they just keep getting better. Thrive just as a side note. They’re doing their whole 2.0 is going to get a whole new UI. So I’m really excited about that. But what I love about them also is that their conversion specialists are right so their blog even if you subscribe to the blog and I have all their plugins they also have this headline optimizer where you literally just can drop in a couple of extra headlines you know update the post and they will split test for you and you can pick the winner and inevitably not my original is the one that wins out. Go figure. But but so that content piece and I’m so sorry if I interrupted you but the like in sharing that because I do agree with you and it was when I saw that there’s stuff converts. So I know that if I just come from a place of here’s what I use why I use it and how I did. I spent a few weeks on this post for Thrive, it was the ultimate guide to thrive Content builder. I did four videos. I did a written post and then I did a content upgrade that I did a PTF. It was almost 30 pages on each of the different elements. So it was time consuming. Absolutely. But I did screen shots and I said so this is the countdown timer and this is when you would use it. I mean I couldn’t put in every style because it would have been like 300 pages. But but the point is so then I said hey you know there’s just a little content upgrade. And so now I’m building a list of people who are interested in thrive products. I know that right. And it’s so I will constantly reschedule that post and co-schedule. And it always gets me traffic.

Jackie: You’re a genius.
Kim: Well it’s taken me years to get here.
Jackie: You are. I wish we had more time to talk. We’re already coming up to the end here and I’m just wondering if there’s anything else that you wanted to share or mention that would kind of tie all of this together?
Kim: Yeah. You know more than anything. My message to everybody is you have to do it in a way that works for you. There is so much information. You know if anything I’ve said resonates with you. Take that like I love podcasting. I like writing now. I like creating PDFs. I don’t know what that’s about. But pick whatever works for you like you’re never going to see me marketing on snapchat. I don’t have the bandwidth for one other platform right. So trust yourself. I kid you not like the best thing that you can do is be you show up in a way right in your own voice. And it is the consistent application of little habits. I did this daily e-mail thing has been the most awesome pleasant surprise I have ever (had). Couldn’t have seen how much fun it would be or the amount of results I would get from it so trust your gut go what go with what works for you and just try to get better at one thing at a time.
Jackie: Excellent advice. So Kim if folks want to follow up with you and get in touch how can they reach you?
Kim: Best place is just TheWPChick.com. All my social profiles are linked from the site. Most of them with the exception of a Facebook page or under my name just Kim Doyal. But yeah, the site is the best place.
Jackie: All right well thank you for being my guest today and hope everybody has a great week. Thanks very much.
Kim: Thanks for having me Jackie.
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