Episode 5: The Voice of WordPress with Shawn Hesketh

Episode 5: The Voice of WordPress with Shawn Hesketh

In this episode, I’m chatting with Shawn Hesketh of WP101 on how his growing business is helping designers and developers provide highly effective WordPress training for clients.

Shawn is the Voice of WordPress for so many of us. His company, WP101 produces high quality, professional videos and offers them through the WP101 plugin and at WP101.com.

Shawn shares his wealth of knowledge on producing WordPress training courses and even shares helpful tips on how to create your own screencasts.

Meet Shawn Hesketh

Kay and Shawn Hesketh
Kay and Shawn Kesketh

My name is Shawn Hesketh, and for 26 years, I enjoyed a rewarding career as a freelance designer.

Over the years, I built countless WordPress sites for my clients. To get my clients up to speed as quickly as possible, I also provided one-on-one WordPress training.

But one-on-one training just isn’t feasible for everyone. So in 2008, I created a WordPress 101 video “crash course” to help beginners learn how to use WordPress in as little time as possible.

Show Notes

Advice for recording screencasts:

Microphones: Blue Yeti and Rode Podcaster.
Screencast Tools: Screenflow and Camtasia
Audio Enhancements: Garageband and Audacity

Learning Management System

Shawn talks about why he chose LifterLMS for their membership course platform.

Shawn’s blog: ShawnHesketh.com

This episode may also be found on the Rethink.fm Youtube channel

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