Episode 4: The Evolution of a Web Designer

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Episode 4: The Evolution of a Web Designer

In this episode, I’m chatting with Chris Ford who is leveraging her talents as a successful web designer to empower others. We discuss how her 20 years of web design experience is creating new opportunities in her career evolution.

Meet Chris Ford

Chris FordThere’s one common thread in Chris Ford’s 20 year web design career: learning new web design tools, techniques and processes, then teaching them to others.

She passionately believes that education is one of the most overlooked and underused ways to improve the user experience of a website or product.

Chris is currently in the process of rebooting Creativity Included, her design and branding company, to focus on education for both designers and product businesses.

Show Notes

Chris mentioned Webflow during the podcast as the tool she uses for wire-framing and mockups.

This episode is available on Youtube: Rethinkfm Episode 4.

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