Episode 3: Tips for Mastering Client Communications

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Episode 3: Tips for Mastering Client Communications

In this episode, I’m chatting with Erin E Flynn about mastering client communications.

To be successful in your freelance business it is crucial that you develop solid communication skills for managing clients and projects. Erin shares tips on how to avoid nightmare clients, and become efficient and effective with your client communications.

It is a skill that everyone will benefit from.

Meet Erin E Flynn

Erin E FlynnErin has been making websites since 1999, and started her own web design and development company in 2012. After a few years creating websites for clients, Erin shifted her business. Now, her primary business is helping other designers and developers navigate the difficult waters of entrepreneurship by providing courses and guides to teach everything from how to start a web design business to how to deal with nightmare clients.

When she’s not teaching designers or working with her own design/development clients, Erin can be found exploring the mountains near her home in Aspen, Colorado.

Keep an eye out for Erin’s development agency that will be launching this fall!

Show Notes

A few resources suggested on this topic:

Project Management Tools:




Erin’s website has some very helpful tips on client communications.

This episode is alo available on YouTube.

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