Episode 2: Content Audits Save Development Time

Content Audits with Sallie Goetsch

Episode 2: Content Audits Save Development Time

In this episode, I’m chatting with Sallie Goetsch about Content Audits and how they can save you development time.

If you’ve every had a project with a lot of existing content, performing an audit of that content BEFORE you begin any design or development work, will save you time. We’ll talk about what it is and how to go about performing one.

It is a valuable service to offer that benefits both you and your client.

Meet Sallie Goetsch

Sallie Goetsch of WPFangirl.com

Sallie Goetsch (rhymes with ‘sketch’) first got online in 1985, via the mainframe at Brown University.

She founded an online journal in 1993 and built her first HTML website in 1994. Since discovering WordPress in 2005, she hasn’t looked back. Sallie became the organizer of the East Bay WordPress Meetup in Oakland, California, in 2009.

Sallie has produced WordPress videos for Peachpit Press, taught introductory WordPress classes for Mediabistro, and acted as Technical Reviewer for O’Reilly’s WordPress: The Missing Manual. She runs her WP Fangirl consulting and development business from her home in Oakley, which she shares with her husband and two cats.

Show Notes

A few resources suggested on this topic:


Content Audit Plugin

Export WordPress data to XML/CSV Plugin


Content Strategy for the Web (Voices That Matter)

Content Strategy for WordPress: Structured content and sustainable workflows for a future-proof site

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